Denis Gorwin

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About player
Name Denis Gorwin (#3)
Position Beastman
Team Gory Gory Man United
Bought 2018-03-15 04:16:57
Status None
Value 80k
SPP/extra 7/0
Wanted No
In HoF No
Played 5
W/L/D 4/1/0
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Ma 6
St 3
Ag 3
Av 8
Skills Horns, Block
Injuries None
Cp 0
Td 0
Int 0
BH/SI/Ki 1/0/0
Cas 1
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--Empty body--

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Tue Apr 17 2018 6:21Everett Blood Bowl LeagueFUMBBL Season 1Round 5Financomancers (Geek_Chef)Gory Gory Man United (Locky)24k0—3
Sun Apr 15 2018 0:23Everett Blood Bowl LeagueFUMBBL Season 1Round 4Boiling Sea Hawks (Weav)Gory Gory Man United (Locky)21k1—0
Tue Apr 3 2018 6:04Everett Blood Bowl LeagueFUMBBL Season 1Round 3Legion of Whom (Tempestsc)Gory Gory Man United (Locky)18k0—1
Sat Mar 31 2018 20:28Everett Blood Bowl LeagueFUMBBL Season 1Round 2Hill-Bill-He (Burkdawg)Gory Gory Man United (Locky)0k0—1
Wed Mar 28 2018 5:06Everett Blood Bowl LeagueFUMBBL Season 1Round 1Leifin Longstriders (EyesOnly)Gory Gory Man United (Locky)15k0—3

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