Black Death Dealers

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Black Death Dealers roster 

2Lester the Infester
player avatarThrower
7337Pass, Sure Hands, Accurate, Nerves of Steel, Safe Throw11000431130k
4Vance Verminson
player avatarBlitzer
7338Block, Mighty Blow0002214110k
6Francis Flea-Ridden
player avatarGutter Runner
9247Dodge, Weeping Dagger, Block, Side Step, Catch0900132140k
8Damien the Dirty Rat
player avatarGutter Runner
9247Dodge, Weeping Dagger01000380k
10Sickly Sam
player avatarLineman
11Bill Biter
player avatarLineman
12Wylie Wretch
player avatarLineman
13Nauseated Norman
player avatarLineman

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Team info and statistics
Coach Dorigard
Race Skaven
League Everett Blood Bowl League
Ready Yes
TV 890k
Treasury 50k
Apothecary Yes
Re-roll 2
Fan factor 4
Assistant Coach 0
Cheerleader 0

Played 10
WIN% 35.0%
ELO 177.91
W/L/D 3/6/1
W/L/D Streaks 2/3/1
Won tours 0
Latest tour 7s Season 1
Tours played 7s Season 1
Prizes None
Is famous No

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