Creatures of the Night

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Creatures of the Night roster 

1Jimmy Shuffles
player avatarZombie
4328Regeneration, Block, Fend000321680k
2Franky Stumbles
player avatarZombie
4328Regeneration, Block, Fend000231980k
3"Shamblin" Steve
player avatarZombie
4"Rotten" Joe Spagnetti
player avatarZombie
4328Regeneration, Block, Fend000142280k
5Herb "No Guts"
player avatarZombie
4328Regeneration, Guard000021070k
7Blacky White
player avatarWight
6338Block, Regeneration, Guard0001212110k
8Lon Chaney
player avatarNecromantic Werewolf
8338Claw, Frenzy, Regeneration, Block, Dodge, Mighty Blow1606136190k
9Harry Baskerville
player avatarNecromantic Werewolf
8337Claw, Frenzy, Regeneration, Block, Tackle, Mighty Blow-1 Av0509138190k
10Dr. Frank
player avatarFlesh Golem
4429Regeneration, Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Block, Guard0004218150k
11Boris VonKarlof
player avatarFlesh Golem
4429Regeneration, Stand Firm, Thick Skull, Block0001212130k
12White Goodman
player avatarWight
6338Block, Regeneration, Guard, Mighty Blow0201323130k
15Ralph Rotnibbler
player avatarGhoul
16Terry Tombstone
player avatarGhoul
7337Dodge, Block, Sure Hands1401330110k

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Team info and statistics
Coach Punkpogoer
Race Necromantic
League Everett Blood Bowl League
Ready Yes
TV 1730k
Treasury 30k
Necromancer Yes
Re-roll 3
Fan factor 9
Assistant Coach 0
Cheerleader 0

Played 13
WIN% 0.0%
W/L/D 10/1/2
W/L/D Streaks 0/0/0
Won tours 0
Latest tour
Tours played None
Prizes None
Is famous No

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