Season 3 Complete

Congrats to The Fighting Orcish who defeated the Ever-Rott Epidemics to take the Season 3 Championship!


League/Playoffs Champion: The Fighting Orcish (Orcs)
2nd Place: Ever-Rott Epidemics (Nurgle)
3rd Place: Mukilteo Mouseketeers (Skaven)
4th Place: Xavier’s School for Gifted Mutants (Chaos)
5th Place: NorthSound Curb Jobs (Goblins)
6th Place: Mill Creek Might Minions (Halfling)


Planning for Season 3 (2014) is in the works. Here is a listing of facts and information that is all subject to change (of course).

  • When - Season 3 starts in Spring 2014, with one match being played about every two weeks on a weekend game-day.

  • Where - The season will take place in Everett, Washington through Mugu Games or alternate locations as scheduled for specific matches between coaches.

  • Format - Season 3 will begin with new rosters of standard 1,000,000 GP builds. Season 1 and 2 rosters will not be played in Season 3. Returning coaches may choose a different race, or begin again with the race the played previously (with a fresh roster).

  • Rules - The league rules will be upgraded to 3.0 or higher. See 2014 Rules and Forms

  • Previous Teams - Teams from Seasons 1 and 2 are archived in OBBLM Database and are available for future use.

  • Races - We will have a PREFERENCE to not have more than 1 team of a particular race in Season 3, but that will not be a hard rule. There will be a hard rule against having more than 2 teams of a particular race. This is done to ensure variety in the league, and with more than 20 races to choose from it should be easily achievable. If someone has already reserved a race that you prefer, please consider finding an alternate race in order to preserve the variety and diversity of our small league.

  • OBBLM Database - The league proudly uses the Online Blood Bowl League Manager, an online database tracking system specifically adapted for Blood Bowl Leagues and is widely used throughout the world.

  • Pre-Season - The league will schedule a Pre-Season. The Pre-Season is a 2-game scheduled mini-season that takes place before the actual season starts. Pre-Season is used to help acclimate new coaches to the game or to a new team. During Pre-Season, all mechanics of the game are the same as the regular season, with the exception that all injuries caused in Pre-Season are considered “Badly Hurt” and do not have lasting negative effects for the regular season. Once the Pre-Season is complete, the standings for the Regular Season reset, therefore performance in the Pre-Season do not have an effect on the Regular Season.

  • The Combine - League coaches will be conducting several “Combine” events, where new coaches can be exposed to the game. During this time, there will be a sampling of different teams available to try on a variety of pitches (fields). Try something out, ask questions, and learn about a really fun table top game with a great network of national and international coaches.