Here are the forms and documents that help fuel the league:

1. EBBL League Rules ("League Rules") - This is a downloadable copy of the League Rules that we will be using. This is available in PDF format.

2. Competition Rules Pack ("CRP Rules") - This is a PDF file of the Games Workshop Blood Bowl Competition Rules Pack ("CRP").

3. CRP Rules Supplement ("CRP Supplement") - This is a PDF file of the approved 3 Team Supplement (Chaos Pact, Underworld, Slann)

4. "EBBL Playoff Rules Supplement" - This is the rules supplement for the playoffs. The supplement will not be available until the conclusion of the regular season. Therefore, the previous rules supplement is on file for reference.

5. Game Report Sheet - This is the sheet to full out throughout each match that tracks player and team stats. This form must be submitted to the Commissioner either as a hard copy of e-mail to (preferred).

6. Roster Sheets
- Enclosed is a MS Excel file of a Blood Bowl Roster Sheet. Copies of the official Games Workshop version will be on-hand at Mugu Games as well. You must bring two printed copies of your roster to each match, one for you and one for your opponent. If you use the MS Excel version, then you will nee to also update some of the costs, for example adjust the cost of Re-Rolls for the race you are playing.

7. Registration
- This is a PDF file of the Registration form to sign up for 2013.

League House Rules
Game Report Sheet
BB Rulebook
BB New Teams
Registration Form
Roster Sheet
Reference Sheet