The EBBL Pitch

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The EBBL Pitch was the first 40mm-scaled pitch commissioned by EBBL and was available as a downloadable give-away for The Golden Tentacle 2014 tournament. This field was designed from the ground up with beautifully detailed wooden textures and inlays, as well as scatter chart, passing template, and deluxe dugout areas. It fits well on 6' x 4' gaming tables or ones at your local game shop.

As coaches print this off, please e-mail us at to share your stories of what works and what doesn't work. We were successful with getting printing done at a US chain called "PostNet" where they used "15oz. Blockout Vinyl" as the base. This material is a softer roll-up material that retains the sharp color and lays flatter than many outdoor vinyl products. The cost for the printing was approx. $58 US.

To download - click on the images below.

This field is free to download and print for personal (non-commercial) use.

Entire EBBL Pitch with Dugouts (40mm Scale)

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EBBL Pitch without Dugouts (40mm Scale)

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Alternate EBBL Pitch without Dugouts (40mm Scale)

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Dugouts Only w/ Scatter Template (40mm Scale)

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Dugouts Only w/ Passing Template (40mm Scale)

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