The Dwarf Pitch

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The Dwarf Pitch was the second 40mm-scaled pitch commissioned by EBBL. This field was themed for Dwarf or Norse players, with a stone floor, rich colors, as well as scatter chart, passing template, and deluxe dugout areas. A pub for grabbing refreshments and stone ruins rest behind the end zones. The pitch fits well on 6' x 4' gaming tables or ones at your local game shop.

As coaches print this off, please e-mail us at to share your stories of what works and what doesn't work. We were successful with getting printing done at a US chain called "PostNet" where they used "15oz. Blockout Vinyl" as the base. This material is a softer roll-up material that retains the sharp color and lays flatter than many outdoor vinyl products. The cost for the printing was approx. $58 US.

To download - click on the images below.

This field is free to download and print for personal (non-commercial) use.

Entire Dwarf Pitch with Dugouts (40mm Scale)

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Dwarf Pitch without Dugouts (40mm Scale)

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Dwarf Pitch - Play Area Only (40mm Scale)

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Dugouts Only w/ Scatter Template (40mm Scale)

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Dugouts Only w/ Passing Template (40mm Scale)

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