Planning for Season 2 is in the works. Here is a listing of facts and information that is all subject to change (of course).

  • When - Season 2 starts in May 2013, with one match being played about every two weeks.

  • Where - The season will take place in Everett, Washington through Mugu Games or alternate locations as scheduled for specific matches between coaches.

  • Format - Season 2 will begin with new rosters of standard 1,000,000 GP builds. Season 1 teams will not be played in Season 2. Season 1 coaches that return may choose a different race, or begin again with the race the played previously.

  • Rules - The league rules will be upgraded to 2.0 or higher. The advanced leveling concept (2x random MVP’s per match, extra gold bonuses, etc) will be scaled back with a more traditional advancement system. This will provide slower development, but will also provide more satisfaction for players who skill up, as they will have more of a sustained impact from week to week. This will also move toward a more compatible rule set with the Rat City Rumble (Seattle, WA) and Thunderbowl League (Vancouver, BC), while still allowing us to have our own individual flare. There are discussions about potential cross-league tournaments with existing rosters in the future and having a more compatible rule set would enable this extraordinary possibility to become realized. The Painted Miniature Bonus will now result in a different method of picking MVP’s. Coaches without painted teams will roll randomly for 1 MVP in the match. Coaches with painted miniatures will choose their 1 MVP by rolling randomly rolling for 3 eligible players and selecting which one they want to receive the honor. This is the same method advocated by the Podcast “Three Die Block” and used in the Critical Hit Games and Iowa Hawkeye Blood Bowl Leagues.

  • Season 1 Teams - Season 1 teams MAY be available for play in future seasons, but will not be available for play in Season 2. Season 1 rosters have been uploaded into the league OBBLM database for potential use in future seasons or tournaments. The formats of those seasons will dictate if those teams will be eligible.

  • Races - We will have a PREFERENCE to not have more than 1 team of a particular race in Season 2, but that will not be a hard rule. There will be a hard rule against having more than 2 teams of a particular race. This is done to ensure variety in the league, and with more than 20 races to choose from it should be easily achievable.

  • OBBLM Database - The league in Season 1 used the basic STARS League Tracking System from The NAF. This is a very basic system that is also very labor intensive. For example, the commissioner has to upload every game twice (once for each playing team’s perspective), and then aggregate the stats through a tracking sheet called The Halfling Scribe. After uploading the game or changing anything about a team, the commissioner would then take a manual pull of the updated roster sheet and manually upload to the league website. Once you take into account 10 teams with 10 games each, then has resulted in a lot of work. The league will be transitioning to a OBBLM database that will do all of this automatically and enable all of the coaches to log in individually and operate their teams.