The Everett Blood Bowl League presents the Golden Tentacle 2014 at Mugu Games in Everett, Washington. This 1-day tournament will take place on Saturday April 19, 2014 and will feature 3 matches of competitive play.

The rules can be viewed ONLINE and available for DOWNLOAD (also see right panel of screen).

Don’t forget to check the Tournament Blog and official NAF Tournament Thread for more info!

Registration Opens on January 15, 2014

Registration fee is as follows:
$30 for any coaches that register by February 1, 2014
$35 for any coaches that register by March 1, 2014
$40 for any coaches that register after March 1, 2014 (if any spots remain).

Tournament is strictly limited to 16 coaches.

Prizes Include:
  • One Set of Special Golden Tentacle 2014 Tournament D6 Dice (Every Coach)
  • One Custom 40mm Golden Tentacle End Zone (Every Coach)
  • One Set of Custom Golden Tentacle Re-Reroll Tokens (Every Coach)
  • One Reverse Raffle Prize (Every Coach)
  • One Custom 40mm Golden Tentacle Passing Template (Every Winner of Final Match)
  • One Early Download of Special Golden Tentacle EBBL 40mm Pitch (Every Coach will be e-mailed a link)
  • and more ....

Contact J. Casebolt at for registration.

Every coach who registers will be e-mailed a download link to a digital 40mm sized EBBL Pitch.


1. Hargreaves (Wedge22) - Thunderbowl - Non Stunty
2. M. Green (fe2Mike) - SPEW - Non Stunty
3. R. Green (Evilbutgood) - SPEW - Non Stunty
4. A. Lewis (Lewis) - SPEW - Non Stunty
5. J. Farris (RamsFan28) - SPEW - Non Stunty
6. C. Burow (phyrloki) - EBBL - Non Stunty
7. M. Burow (NAF ID Pending) - EBBL - Non Stunty
8. D. Burroughs (Beorg) - Rat City - Non Stunty
9. M. McAree (poundfist) - Thunderbowl/U2KR - Non Stunty
10. K. Reeves (keggiemckill) - Thunderbowl - Non Stunty
11. C. McAree (GeneralJason) - Thunderbowl (TBD)
12. C. Peltz(Mr. Bloodweiser) - Thunderbowl - Non Stunty
13. B. Wolf (punkpogoer) - EBBL/Rat City - Non Stunty
14. R. Gordon (Mr.Gordon?) - Thunderbowl - (TBD)
15. C. Branson (NAF ID Pending) - EBBL - Non Stunty
16. T. Miller (NAF ID Pending) - EBBL - Non Stunty