• Will Secret Weapons injuries count toward your overall score?
    Yes. With the most recent rules update, Secret Weapons casulties will count in the same manner that a casualty from a foul or a crowd push will.
  • Why is there a 40,000gp skill cap on an individual player?
    You can't always have your cake and eat it too. The tournament structure enables coaches to "stack" skills on an individual player, but only if those skills are regular (i.e. non-doubles). This presents interesting options but roster build, but the skill cap stops it from being too out of control. It also restricts the formation of any Claw-Mighty Blow-Block pieces, so that if a coach wants to create Claw-Mighty Blow killers, he/she does so without the security of Block.
  • You are giving away a field?
    Yes. Coaches who sign up for the tournament will receive a link to a free downloadable EBBL field that has been scaled for 40mm printing. This field will be published after the tournament on the EBBL website for the masses to enjoy (as EBBL's gift to the Blood Bowl Community). Until then, Golden Tentacle 2014 coaches will have early access.

    Please check with your local printing shop for quotes and options for you to make a physical copy. Permission is granted for personal (i.e. non-commercial) use.
  • What is the EBBL? I have never heard of it.
    The EBBL is the Everett Blood Bowl League, and it was started in 2012 as a small gaming club that plays at Mugu Games in Everett, Washington. Currently, the EBBL is recruiting for its 3rd season, where 10 coaches participated in SEason 1 and 6 in Season 2. The league has been nourished by Seattle's Rat City Rumble and Canada's Thunderbowl for advice and direction.
  • What is the difference between Match Points and Player Points in the rules?
    To be clear, Match Points + Player Points = Total Score for the match. Ranking is NOT determined by Match Points (Win-Draw-Loss) with tie breakers from Player Points (TD's, Casulties, etc). Instead, both elements factor together to create a total score. While similar to a tie-breaker approach, this presents the possibility that more impressive scoring and injury infliction could overtake a team with a better record who limped by their opponents.

    Bottom line: Win ... and while you are at it, run up the score and hurt as many of the opposing players as possible. This is the theme of Blood Bowl, and it is incentivized into the scoring.
  • Why did you update the rules to remove the title game between #1 and #2 in favor of a pure Swiss Pairing approach?
    Given that the tournament is only 3 matches, determining the two coaches to play for the championship after only 2 matches did not seem like a fair sample size. After all, one or both of the coaches could have earned extra points by playing Halflings, or another race which would make the tournament winner more random than by the coaching skill. By implementing the pure swiss pairing format and total scores for the tournament (as opposed to the winner and loser of the Round 3 Top Table automatically being #1 and #2), there will be a more exciting and fair tournament outcome.

    The updates to the rules are listed in blue text in the rules pack.
  • Why aren't you asking for (or publishing) team races for coaches who register?
    Even if we collected what races coaches would use, it would be subject to change anyway. Instead of trying to keep up with all of the thoughts racing through people's heads, we will just perform the roster check on game day (as we normally would). The helpful piece of information, though, will be to know that if you plan on playing stunty. That will help coaches know how many people are interested in competing for that field and make a choice whether or not they would like to compete for that prize.
  • The play schedule in the rules packet seems pretty tight. Where is the breaks for lunch and/or dinner?
    As the saying goes, to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs. Well that may not be totally on par here, but here is why. This tournament was actually constructed to (hopefully) be pretty affordable for playings, especially those in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver driving in. With the late start and relatively early finish (before 9pm), players from those areas could actually drive up during the morning and drive back after the tournament. This would eliminate paying for a hotel room and being pretty affordable. That said, it will be great to celebrate a great day on the pitch with anyone staying around after the tournament. So back to the answer, we chose to make shorter breaks in-between matches and recommend bringing snacks to eat while playing. This way, more quality time can be spent after the tournament either handing out with old and new friends, or driving back to your final destination.
  • Why are you only using the NAF Forum for the tournament?
    Since the EBBL does not have its own forum and there are many different Blood Bowl Community Forums (Talk Fantasy Football, Thunderbowl, Ordo Fanatacus, Rat City Rumble, just to name a few), it is a time drain to post information across many different forums. Since most of us are NAF Members, let's use their resources to have 1 solid place for event information (besides the league website). This also enable coaches from different gaming communities to see all of the discussion in one location, instead of just portions.
  • How do I register?
    Coaches may sign up starting January 15, 2014 through the earlier of (i) when all 16 spots sell out or (ii) when the tournament begins. You register by e-mailing J. Casebolt at tournaments@everett-bbl.org. You will receive a Registration Form that you submit along with a Paypal payment to (jjmac34@aol.com). The 16 spots are first come, first serve for coaches who both submit the registration form and who provide Paypal payment. If the tournament is nearing its coach cap, we will let you know so that you can provide payment and registration promptly.