Special thanks to all of the participants in the 2014 Golden Tentacle Tournament. Great support from the best players in the Northwest. Being this was my first hosted tournament, having experienced gridiron professionals on hand made everything smooth. In short, I couldn’t have done it without you.

A better write-up, pictures, etc will be published soon. Lastly, 2015 will be here before you know it. So plan to come out next year!

Enclosed are the final standings for the event:

Golden Tentacle (1st Place Champion): D. Burroughs (Norse) - Rat City Rumble
Silver Tentacle (2nd Place Runner-Up): C. McAree (Undead) - Thunderbowl
Bronze Tentacle (3rd Place Bridesmaid): K. Reeves (Underworld) - Thunderbowl

Most Brutal Award (Casualties): Mike McAree (Chaos Dwarf) - Thunderbowl (Strength of Schedule Tie-Breaker)
Best Offense: T. Miller (High Elf) - Everett Blood Bowl League (Spread the Wealth Tie-Breaker)
Best Defense: K. Hargreaves (Chaos Dwarf) - Thunderbowl (Spread the Wealth Tie-Breaker)
Sportsmanship/Painting: B. Wolf (Lizards) - Everett Blood Bowl League
Stunty: Are you serious that no one played stunty? WTF!?!

GT2014 Standings
* Note: M. Green placed 7th and J. Farris 8th per tournament rules, but the table reflects a different sort system*