I met a good fellow last night who seems pretty interested in playing in Season 3 with us. Though he is new to this thing called “Blood Bowl”, he seems excited about it.

He is very interested in the Lizardman team. Boy are they tough to play against. So in this section, I am listing Lizardmen-specific resources in a format very similar to the way we do it in “Top-5 Races for Beginners”. While I don’t list Lizardmen in that section, they are an amazing team.


L. Lizardmen - Solid roster that plays both extremes (bash and dash) at the same time. While most teams have an overall play style, the Lizardmen team are unique that they use both of them simultaneously. If that doesn’t sound good enough, they also throw in the Kroxigor who is one of the best big-men in the game.

Lizardmen are very difficult to play against. The Kroxigor is strong, powerful, and his Prehensile tail that makes it tougher for enemies to dodge away. The Saurus players are big, strong and fast, though they do suffer from a lack of agility and are exposed early on without Block. Out of the box, the Movement 8 Skinks are the second-fastest players in the game (behind Skaven Gutter Runners). They will be your primary ball carriers, though they lack starting ball handling skills and their low armor may make you burn through them on a regular basis. Coaches who use Lizards should plan on maximizing their two-pronged play-style. Keep in mind that the lack of starting skills (Block on Saurus and Sure Hands on at least one Skink) will lead to turnovers or burned rerolls early on. Once these growing pains are resolved, the weakness of this team greatly reduces and opponents really have their hands full. While they do lack these skills early on and their dual-style makes them unusual to coach, they are a solid team that can be used well by both beginning and experienced coaches.

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