Menu of Events
9/18 Coaches Meeting -
Gathering of potential coaches to discuss the upcoming season, propose rule changes, and be civil before a brutal season.
  • Meet new and old faces
  • Buy/sell/trade miniatures from each other for the season
10/22 Pre-Season Tournament - 3 game tournament to begin the season, get used to your team, and build a little experience.
  • Coaches may play just the Pre-Season, just the Regular Season, or both!
  • Coaches may use different teams in the Pre-Season and Regular Season
  • New rosters get double MVP’s and only suffer “Badly Hurt” casualties
  • Experienced rosters earn standard MVP’s and suffer casualties as rolled
11/6 + Regular Season - Round Robin match days to differentiate teams from each other.
  • Scheduled games
  • Number of coaches will determine if there are divisions, or if there are 2 games on a day.
TBD Playoffs - 1 day post-season tournament to decide the Season 7 championship.
  • Number of games determined by the number of coaches registered for the regular season.