Game Strategy & Lineup Advice
FUMBBL Racial Strategy Guides
FUMBBL General Strategy and Tips
The Blood Bowl PlayBook
BBTactics Blood Bowl Playbook
Games Workshop Playbooks
LRB6 Playbooks by Plasmoid
FUMBBL Defensive Setups
Blood Bowl Play Creator
Play Creator (Alternate) <--- Check out the new information resource!

Game References
Inducement List by Plasmoid
LRB5 Passing Charts by Unknown
LRB6 Quick Reference by Unknown
Free Printable Blood Bowl Teams - by “Doc” in association with Critical Hit Games (Iowa) and Three Die Block Podcast
Zlurpee Blue Reference Card - Most tables used during the game
Zlurpee Red Reference Card - Pre and post game references
Zlurpee Green Reference Card - Passing rules and templates
The Supernumerate Halfing Scribe - Excel-based league and roster management sheet
Team Value Calculator - Web-based team roster sheet creator
BB Interception App (Android) - Passing template and interception verifier by Cyber Elf that is on Google Play. A must have!

Blood Bowl Variants
Blood Bowl 7man Rules (LRB5) by Unknown
Squid Bowl Rules by Unknown
Dungeon Bowl Rules (LRB5)
Death Roller Racing

Chat Boards
Talk Fantasy Football - Global discussion regarding all things Blood Bowl.

Podcasts and Similar
Zlurp Cast - Blood Bowl talk from the organizers of the Chaos Cup
Both Down - The #1 Podcast to be hosted by Gingers
Three Die Block - The #1 Podcast to be hosted by “Always Hungary” Chance
Pitch Invasion - Newest Podcast on the scene and is based in Ontario Canada. Discussions are league-centric.
Orca Cola Podcast - Ontario-based podcast providing in-depth analysis from players of the computer game

The NAF - An international association of players dedicated to Blood Bowl. Membership is only $10, and includes limited edition NAF block dice! If interested, there is a local NAF rep who can provide signups locally. Contact the commissioner for details.

Places to Buy
Mugu Games - Preferred Brick & Mortar Store with fast shipments of GW Miniatures and a large selection of Warhammer miniatures for conversions
Miniatures Companies - Each of the miniatures companies listed below also sells directly to customers

Miniature and Supply Companies (Large Variety)

Games Workshop
Willy Miniatures - Sponsoring WM Footballs for every Season 1 team owner!
Black Scorpion Miniatures - Small variety of teams including Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Vermin Rats
Franarcilla Miniatures - Barcelona-based maker whose designs are familiar to the Meiko and Willy offerings
Gaspez Arts
Goblin Forge Miniatures
Greebo Miniatures
Hasslefree Miniatures
Heresy Miniatures
Impact Miniatures
Mano di Porco
MAOW Miniatures
Meiko Miniatures
Roll Jordan Miniatures
Shadowforge - Australian miniature maker specializing in female figures for fantasy and other generas

Miniature and Supply Companies (Limited Variety)
Baueda Miniatures - Fantasy football line as part of their Trogball series.
Beast Face Miniatures - New football product line starting with alternative Bestmen models for Chaos teams
Black Army Productions - Hafling and Fish-style Chaos Teams
Green Dog
Hungry Troll
Junkie Studios - Custom dice trays, markers, and other misc supplies
MK1881 Miniatures - Currently making Dark Elf and Pro Elf 3D Sculpts
Orc from Bilbao
Scibor Miniatures
Tor Gaming
Tritex Games - UK based store specializing in out-of-print miniatures
Uscarl Miniatures
Vortice Miniatures - Newer fantasy football offerings that are turning heads
Warlord Games - Makers of a female dwarves team

Custom Pitches / Fields / Dugouts
Fantasy Fields - Italy-based maker of custom field mats and hard-board pitches
Sanabeso Custom Fields - Spain-based maker of custom field mats
Wart Arts Designs - Chicago’s best, makers of 3-D terrain pitches in the style of several popular races
Battle Boards - UK’s custom 3-D fields
Scenery Planet - Custom 3-d pitches
Printable Pitches - By Gaming Corner
Printable Pitches - By Unknown
Muddy Printable Pitch - By Unknown, 28mb file
PowerPoint Printable Pitch - By Unknown
Dugouts - From Your Lord and Master
Scatter Templates - FromYour Lord and Master
Elf Pitch - 300dpi from Your Lord and Master
Broken Egg Games - “Fantasy Football Tray” is a custom wood and felt dugout box

Pitch/Storage Recommendations
For Hard Pitches - My Carry-All Tote by Filexec - The 15” x 18” x 3” size fits the Fantasy Fields 40mm hard (puzzle-piece) pitch, with enough room for the standard fold-up Blood Bowl gamebox pitch. The tote is available at Hobby Lobby, Amazon, and other retailers.
For Rollup-Pitches - Staedtler Telescopic Art Tube - This adjustable art tube is perfect for roll-up pitches at any size. Since it telescopes out, it can hold the standard size roll-ups, or be expanded for 40mm surfaces. Staples online and Amazon currently sell the Staedtler, which seems to be more durable than some other similar products available. As of October 2012, Hobby Lobby retails stores also sell a lower-cost alternative listed as an “Expandable Artwork Storage Tube” as well.

Storage / Bags
Battlefoam - US based miniature storage and transport solutions. Check out the PACK Mini and PACK C4.
KR Multicase - Check out the 50 Figure Case in their Ebay store which is perfect for 2-3 Blood Bowl Teams plus a foldable pitch.
Army Transport Bags - By Sabold Designs
Feldherr - European build with a North American Branch. Check out the Mini and Mini Plus for Blood Bowl.

Game Timers
Easy Game Timer - By Digital Game Technology and available through Wholesale Chess Club

Rat City Rumble - Popular Seattle-area Blood Bowl League based out of Redmond, Washington with several divisions to choose from
Thunderbowl - Western Canada league and home of the 40mm board and Spike!
FUMBBL - Online Blood Bowl League using an IRC-type of computer interface
Ordo Blood Bowl League - Western Oregon Blood Bowl League
SPEW - Spokane, Washington based league for Star Players of Eastern Washington (SPEW)

League Management Systems
Online Blood Bowl League Manager (OBBLM) - Popular donation-based system
The Supernumerate Halfing Scribe - Excel-based league and roster management sheet

Rat City Rumble - Annual tournament near Seattle, Washington held in February of each year.
Spike! Magazine Blood Bowl Championship 2012 - September 29-30, 2012 in Vancouver, BC.
West Coast Quake - January 19-20, 2013 with the 5-year anniversary in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Chaos Cup - Huge tournament in Chicago.
ZlurpeeBowl - Huge tournament in Indianapolis.

Tournament Management Systems
Tournament Overlord - Tournament management system, great for war and miniature games. Free usage for tournaments up to 12 teams. Fee applies for larger tournaments.
AROS Excel Tournament Tracker - Competition tracker from some of the best players in the Southern Hemisphere.
Score! by Yavatol - Tournament management system

Tournament Swag
Custom Dice (Chessex) - Customized dice
Custom Dice (Game Station) - Custom dice by Game Station, the makers of the Fumbbl Dice
Fantasy Fields - Custom fields, markers, end zones, dugouts
Sanabeso Custom Fields - Custom fields, range rulers, dice cup trays, dugouts
Junkie Studios - Custom dice trays and markers
Advanced Deployment - Custom tokens

Custom Painting
Rogues Gallery Productions - OFFICIAL SPONSOR and Painter of the “Orclahoma Soona’z” for the 2013 Orclahoma Bowl
RN Estudio
BJKernow Painting Service - UK-based painting service with experience painting Blood Bowl teams
PT Paint Works
Quick Brush Studio - Spain-based group that has recently started selling on their eBay store and also offers custom projects.

Official Blood Bowl Dice - By The NAF (Free with $10 membership)
Custom Dice - By Chessex
Impact Miniatures - In stock at Mugu Games retail store
Willy Miniatures
Thunderbowl/Spike Tournament Block Dice & D6
Ausbowl Block Dice

Crowd Sourcing Projects (Kickstarter)
Apes of Wrath by Impact! and 3DB (Kickstarter)
Australian Animals by Impact! (Kickstarter)
FUMBBL Dice (Kickstarter)
Metal Beards Steam Punk Dwarves (Kickstarter)
Ogre and Imp Team by Impact! (Kickstarter)
Stunty Dodge Dice (Kickstarter)
Roll Jordan Volmarian and Necro Fantasy Teams (Kickstarter)
Impact Miniatures 17 Fantasy Football Teams (Kickstarter)

Crowd Sourcing Projects (Indiegogo)
Australian Block Dice (Indiegogo)
Green Dog Shadow Elves (Indiegogo)
Meiko Miniatures Lizardman Team (Indiegogo)
Meiko Miniatures Chaos Dwarf Team (Indiegogo)
Necrom Studio Rotten Team (Indiegogo)
Necrom Studio Amazon Team (Indiegogo)
Roll Jordan Horned Frogs and Tree Elves (Indiegogo)
Secret Weapons Halloween-Carnival Miniatures (Indiegogo)
Star Bowl (Indiegogo)
Willy Miniatures Imperial Halflings (Indiegogo)
Willy Miniatures Ultimate Halfling Team (Indiegogo)
Willy Miniatures Chaos Team (Indiegogo)
Willy Miniatures Vampire Team (Indiegogo)
MK1881 Miniatures Tanatos Dark Elf Team (Indiegogo)
MK1881 Miniatures Honos Pro Cult Elf Team (Indiegogo)
Virgil Games Dwarf Team (Indiegogo)
RN Estudio Chaos Pact Team - Myth Bowl (Indiegogo)
Greebo Nippon Goblin and Turtle Campaign (Indiegogo)
Fantasy Football Block Dice (Indiegogo)
Gaspez Arts Chaotic Carnival (Indiegogo)
Fantasy Football Norse Team (Indiegogo)