The teams listed in the EBBL's Top-5 Races for Beginners may not be for everyone. Some coaches will have a natural affinity to other races, other coaches will grow bored by playing it safe with tried-and-true rosters, while yet other coaches are sadists who wish to be frustrated when they play with lesser skilled teams. Regardless, there are 19 other races to explore in the Blood Bowl Universe and here are some aggregated strategies for them.
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L. Lizardmen - Solid roster that plays both extremes (bash and dash) at the same time. While most teams have an overall play style, the Lizardmen team are unique that they use both of them simultaneously. If that doesn’t sound good enough, they also throw in the Kroxigor who is one of the best big-men in the game.

Lizardmen are very difficult to play against. The Kroxigor is strong, powerful, and his Prehensile tail that makes it tougher for enemies to dodge away. The Saurus players are big, strong and fast, though they do suffer from a lack of agility and are exposed early on without Block. Out of the box, the Movement 8 Skinks are the second-fastest players in the game (behind Skaven Gutter Runners). They will be your primary ball carriers, though they lack starting ball handling skills and their low armor may make you burn through them on a regular basis. Coaches who use Lizards should plan on maximizing their two-pronged play-style. Keep in mind that the lack of starting skills (Block on Saurus and Sure Hands on at least one Skink) will lead to turnovers or burned rerolls early on. Once these growing pains are resolved, the weakness of this team greatly reduces and opponents really have their hands full. While they do lack these skills early on and their dual-style makes them unusual to coach, they are a solid team that can be used well by both beginning and experienced coaches.

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S. Skaven - One of the fastest teams on the pitch, the Skaven can light up the scoreboard (capable Thrower and AG4 Gutter Runners) and deliver a punch (Blitzers with mutations on Doubles and a Rat Ogre). To pay for all that speed, you will burn through line rats pretty quick as they have AV 7 and no starting skills. If you can minimize the damage you take from an opponent, then you can use these tools for chalk some wins up on your opponents.

When playing against Skaven, many coaches just accept that they will not be able to stop them from scoring. Their Gutter Runners are AG4 and Move 9. With access up to 4 of these little suckers, they are like herding cats (or rats in this case). Surrounding these players, you have a thrower that combines good movement with starting Sure Hands and Pass. You back him up with two Blitzers that can add claw to their hits on doubles. The Cherry on top is the Rat Ogre, one of the best big fellas in the game, whose Prehensile Tail creates problems for teams trying to dodge out of his way. The main drawback for the team is the low AV on most of the pieces and the rate at which your AV7 unskilled line rats will be missing games, piling up injuries, or outright killed. Besides player attrition, a new coach should try to make sure that the Gutter Runners don’t hog all the touchdowns. While they will be the easiest players to score with, putting too much experience on these Gutter Runners without spreading the love around will give the Gutter Runners less-developed support pieces protecting them. This will lead to a dead rat pretty quickly. This fast fury needs to be controlled, and if a coach can make sure to minimize the hits against him, then new or experienced coaches alike will enjoy the rats for a successful season.

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C. Chaos - The team that is built to hurt. While they start out tough with affordable pieces, good strength, hard armor, and power-blitzing, they lack the starting ball handling and blocking skills to enable them to win games early. They typically struggle through their initial formation and league games until either they develop basic skills or coaches learn to play a more controlled game until they reach that development. Once they do develop, every team dreads playing them because there is a good chance that players will be injured or killed in the process.

Chaos is a popular choice, though they can be frustrating to play. Every piece blitzes with at least ST4 (because the ST3 Beastmen receive +1ST with Hornes), but those two die blocks will reveal Skulls and Both Downs together more often than you think. Once you develop the team though, they are scary. The Chaos Warriors are the backbone of the team. They are ST4, AG3, with AV9 and a slow going MA5. They are like Black Orcs, but with more versatility. Once they take their regular access to Mutations like Claw, and combine that with staples like Mighty Blow, Block, Piling On, and Guard, they really cause pain for the opposition. Sprinkled around the Chaos Warriors are the Beastmen. At 60,000gp they are a bargain, as they are the fastest movers on the team, have General/Strength/Mutation skill access as regular skills, and Blitz with ST4 due to their Horns. A coach would be wise to develop several types of Beastmen: killers (of course), ball handlers with Extra Arms and Sure Hands, and support pieces tailored to the needs of the team. The grand finale is the Chaos Minotaur. While I normally disrespect Big Guys, the Chaos Minotaur is a piece of work. His regular access to Mutations means that he can take Claw as a first skill. When combined with his Mighty Blow, he will cause many problems right away. Additional skills can include Block (on Doubles), Juggernaught (without Doubles), or more tasty options like Tentacles to keep pesky little Dodge players from escaping. While they are not rated in EBBL's Top 5 Races for Beginners, Chaos is fun to play and a really tempting option either for experienced coaches or coaches who plan on using the same team for more than one season.

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E. Elves - The definition of high risk - high reward. Elves can play a lightning fast pace and really run up the scoreboard; however, their light armor and lack of hitting or protection skills makes them somewhat crunchy for grinding out a win. Don't count on most of your players living through the first couple of skill ups. Rest assured, once they do skill up they become a force to recon with in the scoring game.

Often called "Pro Elves" to distinguish them from the other related sub-races, the Elves are like a Porche. They are fast, lightning fast, but can get wrecked just as fast as they can score. Their Linemen are their least expensive players and in fact are the cheapest Elves in the game. The Elf Linemen weigh in 10K cheaper than their Dark Elf, High Elf, and Wood Elf cousins. The disadvantage is that you likely will start with 3 of them on the line of scrimmage, meaning that you will till through the linemen until you can build up Block, Wrestle, and/or Dodge on them. After the Linemen, the team gets expensive really quick. The Throwers are a respectable 70k each. While Passing access helps the Thrower, he is awfully expensive for a one-dimensional player. The Catchers are excellent, starting with 8-3-4-7 stats, but also with the Catch and Nerves of Steel skills. They can get right into the scum and still catch the ball 35/36 times (ignoring tackle zones and only failing to catch an Accurate Pass by rolling two 1's). However, without Block or Dodge they are naked and afraid. Considering they start out at 100k, they are expensive to use and will bloat to at least 140k each before they are more usable. The bright side of the Catchers is that they are the easiest pieces to score with, so you will be able to target their development quicker than other players. Lastly, the Blitzers cost 110K, but are the best players on the team out of the box. They are the only players on the team with AV8 and start with both Block and Sidestep. They are tough enough and maneuverable enough to be your work horses.

Elves are interesting to play, but for all of their advantages they also have equal disadvantages in the durability and skill department. In a League or Tournament, you will get a steady rotation of killed or stat busted players. The glass-half-full look is that their Re-Rolls are only 50K and their scoring prowess should help you build up replacement players relatively well. They do have a great bench of relatively inexpensive Star Players, so if your team does get wrecked in a league match, you can fill in with induced stars to help keep you in the win column.

For their fragility and loss potential, they do not make the EBBL's Top 5 Teams for Beginners. However, a coach with some games under their belt could have a lot of fun playing them. If you are interested in Elves, the EBBL does recommend trying a season or some games with High Elves or Dark Elves first. With AV8, those two teams are more forgiving, but teach you how to play the Elven Game. Pro Elves make a great next step, as they are more maneuverable than Skaven, have cheaper linemen and stronger catchers than Wood Elves, and are faster than Dark Elves or High Elves.

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